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Do people physically walk in virtual marches?
Yes. People will have to physically walk at any location of their convenience and every footstep taken by them for their causes through the WATT application will be counted.
What are the objectives of a virtual march?
  1. Create awareness about the causes that the organiser and supporters believe in. 

  2. Seek continual support in its true sense from the supporters by walking, sharing the intensity of support (the more we walk, the more we support the cause) with others and influencing others by sharing content on the platform.

  3. Create carbon footprint-free and peaceful marches that can be quantified and that are not constrained by location, time zone, length of the event and capital to organise large scale events.

  4. Create a global unified movement that can bring all individuals, organisations and corporations from across the world work together towards a common goal and consolidate their efforts in one place to amplify voices of support.

  5. Significantly diminish costs of organising awareness creation, support gathering and fundraising events.

  6. Stronger and perpetual engagement with supporters until and beyond desired goal is achieved.

What is a Trot and what is Trotting?
WATT counts each of your footsteps as Trot.
Simply put, 1 footstep = 1 Trot. The act of walking and recording your footsteps on WATT for the causes that you truly believe-in is called Trotting.
How can virtual marches be effective?

Showcase support through a more powerful metric that can resonate the intensity of the support (not just support as Yes or No).
Simply put, the more footsteps one takes in the virtual march, the more one supports. Live metrics of how many steps are being taken for the cause can be tracked on the application itself.

  1. Marches are events most often organised for creating awareness in not only people who participate but also publicise the momentum to the rest of the world to showcase the need of the hour. Virtual march is a great way to quantify the intensity of support and something that can create great momentum for such causes at a very large scale.

  2. Virtual marches are not substitutes for physical marches. They are complementary. People who can attend physical marches may still attend them, but these physical marches are not scalable and come with heavy costs. Hence, this carbon footprint-free march will help every supporter express continual support at their own convenient time and location.

  3. On WATT, people can also create micro-marches (coTrots), seeking support for the cause by inviting people from their network to gather daily and continuous support for the cause.

  4. Supporters can challenge others with their activities and motivate others to join the movement and be active continuously until the end objective is achieved.

  5. For large scale behavioural changes in people and their practices, such sustained movements of awareness will be far more effective than one-time or intermittent movements.

  6. Top supporters can easily be recognised by the organisers and incentivised for the support. 

What kind of devices support WATT application?
WATT works on iPhones, Android devices and Apple Watches.
Does WATT support GoogleFit? 
Yes. WATT recognises devices that are compatible with GoogleFit and automatically requests the user for permission to integrate it.
How many times can I Trot in a virtual march?
You can Trot any number of times at your convenient timing, unless stated otherwise, until the last day of the event.
Can I Trot for two causes at the same time?
No. Just as in the physical world one wouldn't be able to participate in two marches at the same time, so would one not be able to do the same on WATT. However, you can end the Trot for one cause and later start to Trot for a different cause.
What kind of causes does WATT support?
WATT is a completely non-ideological unbiased platform that enables people to build revolutionary movements for the causes that they truly believe in. These are completely people-led movements, now with the convenience of scaling them up quickly for the entire world with almost no time and effort through Watt. Having said that we actively do not take the causes that are deterrent to the planet or humanity at a broad level, including those in favor of racism, xenophobia, misogyny or terror.
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